5, 6, 7, 8 …

I don’t remember if I smiled as a child as much as I do as an adult when I say 5, 6, 7, 8.  It’s funny how that little string of numbers is connected to such happiness.  If you didn’t grow up dancing, 5,6,7, 8 is the count in for you to begin dancing.  

My teacher, Miss Diane, like every other dance teacher, would count the last beats of music before the next phrasing begins.  So that 5, 6, 7, 8, was the last few seconds before I began dancing my heart out.  And, now as an adult it is stamped into my emotions with such positivity.  As I sit here in the end of October 2020, after everything we have all experienced during the pandemic I wonder why we drift so far away from things that bring us such joy and happiness.  

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There have been so many times as an adult that I have dreamed about getting back to my dancing.  Not only do I miss the feeling, I miss the fitness that is associated with dancing. 

Back To Dance

Growing up as a dancer, I took for granted all the inherent dance benefits.  My posture, my connection to my core, balance, expression, flexibility – I could go on and on.  It’s hard to pick one dance benefit that is most important because in reality I think as we travel through different circumstances in our lives, we need to tap into different supports.  

This year it would have been great to be dancing my way through the pandemic. Not just because I know that my cardio health and overall fitness would be so much better than it is, but because dancing is such a release.  When you express emotion through your body, it transforms your internal state of being.  It isn’t just the endorphins.  You don’t walk away from a dance session, you float away – or jazz hands your way home or shake your head, or booty away – or all of the above. 

I hope I am helping you recall the picture in your mind’s eye of what you look like after a dance class.  Why is it so hard to find an appropriate dance class for adults?  Why is dancing just for kids?  It’s not!  As adults we need exercise, stress relief, and fitness just as much as our younger selves.  Why do we end up going to the gym or trying to walk or run when we have a built in love of dance, and dancing provides for us just as much, and I could easily argue, so much more than any other kind of exercise routine. 

2020 – Ugh!

This year, 2020, has done a lot of damage.  We have all struggled in one way or another – our stress level does not have to be the same for us to share the struggle.  I know so many have had it harder than me and my heart goes out to you all.  

As a working mom, I had always wished that the world would just stop so that I could catch up, but just to be clear, this year isn’t what I had in mind.  And, what I have realized is that I will never be caught up!  There isn’t an “as soon as I finish this, I will…” And, what that means is that I HAVE to have a system that keeps me healthy and makes time for me no matter what.  

I know it is cliché, the concept of putting yourself first.  We all struggle with that idea – at least the implementation of it. Let this year be the year that we accomplish that one thing!  Better than before.  Let’s be better than before 2020 and I know how we can – Let’s dance!

Let’s Dance Together

You are here on www.MyBodybyDance.com for a reason.  If you have read this far, then we are like minded and you and I can share this journey.  I created this project around what made sense to me, for me.  Let’s have this dance journey together and see where it takes us.  I am so glad you are here!  See you on the dance floor.  I’ll count you in 5, 6, 7, 8 …