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About MBBD

What is My Body By Dance?

MBBD is an on-line fitness website featuring world-class Ballroom and Latin dancers. The curriculum, crafted specifically for at-home, on-line learning, is formulated to use dance techniques designed in repetitive patterns to simulate a dancer’s workout. Our mission is to tap into an individual’s love of dance and revitalize their health and fitness through exhilarating and expressive movement to music.

Do I have to be a dancer to use MBBD?

No, MBBD is for everyone!  There are all levels of classes designed to give you different types of workouts. 

What makes MBBD different than other on-line programs?

MBBD is a unique approach to fitness that uses repetitive dance techniques to help you develop those long leaner dance muscles and become stronger, more balanced and more flexible.

Is there a curriculum used?

Yes, MBBD has a curriculum based on Ballroom and Latin dance steps.  We have created Elements that will give you an awesome dance workout.   

What’s the time commitment?

We have class options from 1 – 45 minutes.  We recommend that you dance with us 4 days per week or more, but the online, at-home feature allows for total flexibility. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the renewal of your subscription at any time.  After canceling your subscription, you will continue to have access to your account until the end of your current billing period. Canceling your subscription will not provide refunds.

Workout Library & Programs

What are Dancer’s Tips?

In this section, you will find our curriculum.  Every movement that we do in our classes is explained and taught in our Dancer’s Tips section.  The better your technique is, the more developed your movement, the more muscles you engage, the better your results. 

What does Dancer’s Tips do to help me?

They will build on your basic movement and help to maximize your experience and results.  Dancing always feels better when you are dancing technically correct. You will find that over time, not only will your physic improve, your movements, dancing, range of motion, flexibility, balance, and control will all improve too. 

What will I find in the Dancer’s Tips section?

You will find 1 -10 minute classes on each of the elements that make up our curriculum.  Our curriculum has ten dances with elements in all three levels. 

What’s the best approach to MBBD?

You have a variety of choices for your workouts.  If you are in the mood for technique, go to our Dancer’s Tips section and work to improve your form.  If your body is craving a certain type of workout, use the Filter feature on the top of the page. You can choose your instructor, type of workout, amount of time, and the level.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, you can also follow one of our programs.  Go to our Programs page and choose a program that you connect with.    

What are the MBBD programs?

In our programs we have created a series of classes so you don’t have to think about which class to take next.  Begin the program and we will keep track of your progress so you don’t have to.  Each time you log on, you can just pick up where you left off.  We will continue to add to our program selections so that you can go from one program experience to the next.  

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