About Us

My Body By Dance, (MBBD) is a dance fitness website, that features cardio and toning classes based on the techniques and movements of the most popular Ballroom and Latin dances like; Rumba, Cha Cha, Tango, Waltz, Salsa, Swing and many more.

Get To Know Us

Our Classes

All classes are built from our unique curriculum designed specifically for at-home online workouts using dance technique in repetitive patterns to simulate a dancer’s workout. You do not have to be an experienced dancer to participate in classes, but a love of music and dancing is a requirement! Every element of the curriculum used in class is available in a dance lesson format in our “Dancer Tips” Section. Each class in the Dancer Tips” is a quick lesson in Ballroom and Latin dancing, and in a particular move. Check out the material in this section as a fun add on to your workout and dance experience.

Subscription Based

MBBD is subscription based experience with monthly or annual renewal options. As a subscriber you have full access to all our full on-demand library of classes. Our website is organized by category, so you can choose a cardio, toning or vitality workout. Our vitality workouts are geared for beginner dancers. You can use the “Workout Search” in the upper left hand corner of the site to choose your daily class, select from one of your favorites found in your membership tab, or use one of our preset programs to guide you for a series of days.


Our “Programs” can be found from a main menu tab, and allow you to choose programs geared towards beginners, certain fitness categories like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and even Choreography Programs which are some of our favorites. In our Choreography Programs you will learn a piece of choreography over the course of five classes. Each class is a cardio or toning workout, and by the end of the last class you are dancing a fun routine in whichever style dance you chose.