Dance Fitness for any level

MBBD’s top skilled trainers will get you in shape and give you a dancers body.


If you want the freedom to workout at home but don’t want your workouts to get repetitive then get fit through DANCE!

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The Benefits of MBBD

Dance Fitness on Your schedule

Whenever you are ready to get dancing, sweating and moving to the music our motivated instructors are ready for you.

Guided Programs

We designed our online workout programs so that you don’t have to think about which of our online classes you would like to take next. Join us here anytime and click any dance workout class that you are in the mood for.

Skip The Gym membership

Everything you need to get in shape and achieve a dancer’s body is right here in your home. No sweaty, smelly gyms with their hidden fees and contracts. One simple subscription unlocks everything MBBD has to offer!

Our Customers LOVE My Body By Dance

I am not a dancer but the classes are easy to follow and are really fun to do. I get a good workout too. I always wondered how they move their hips during the salsa and now I know how to do it.

Harra G.

Just finished my first live class! Great cardio, balance and stamina workout! I’m sold!!

Mary Jane L.

Great workout for everyone! And you can work on your ballroom dancing at the same time, that’s a win win situation- so many great classes and talented teachers, I can highly recommend the whole package to ever looking for a new workout!

Juliet G.

Experienced instructors, making it easy to learn.

Tracy G.

Your SchEdule - Anytime & Anywhere

Take your DANCE FITNESS CLASSES at your convenience. Whenever you are ready our certified instructors are ready for YOU!


Cardio Dance With An Emphasis on Dance! Cardio workouts are designed to raise your heart rate.


Strength Training Without Weights! Your muscle tone and weight loss you experience will be worth every bead of sweat.


Vitality At Any Age! We work your muscles with dance movement – your whole body is expressing your emotions to movement.


New CLASSES and PROGRAMS added all the time. You’ll never run out of workouts to
“Become the Dancer on the outside you know you are on the inside”.

Industry Leading Instructors, in your living room!

All our instructors are certified DANCERS and provide expert instruction & motivation. Find an instructor that fits your mood and workout style.
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Get fit with dance workouts

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